Haw Flakes
Haw Flakes - A Tasty Chinese Snack

Haw Flakes are an age old Chinese snack that most Chinese have grown up eating since their childhood.  Ask any Chinese person what Haw Flakes are and they should tell you how they ate tons of them when they were kids.  Haw Flakes are still very popular because of their unique taste, shape, and inexpensive price.  It's true, everyone loves Haw Flakes!

What is Haw?
Haw Flakes are made from sugar and haw.  Haw is the fruit of the Chinese hawthorn tree. It has a bright red fruits that grow to the size of a golf ball. It's used in many Chinese sweets, jams, and jellies.

As you can see, Haw Flakes are made in small coin sized discs.  This makes it the perfect size to enjoy the snack. Eat them slowly by placing one by one your tongue or eat several at a time for mouth full of flavor.  

What does Haw Taste Like?
Every fruit has its own flavor, but to compare, a close match would to think of a eating a fruit roll up, but not sticky like a fruit roll up. The texture is more like a soft dried fruit.  They taste great and are super delicious!  It's hard to just eat one because your mouth just craves for them.

The packaging?  That's right, the packaging of Haw Flakes has become an integral part of the treat and has not changed for decades. A stack of disk shaped flakes are wrapped in a roll of paper.  A tourist looking at them would probably think they were fire crackers. Just remove the top of the roll and enjoy the treat one disk at a time.

You can find Haw Flakes at most Chinese grocery stores.  Try some today!

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